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Washingtonians sent a clear message to Olympia in the 2014 midterm elections—their votes aren’t for sale and neither is the Washington State Senate. Despite the best efforts of environmentalists and the Democrats to take back control of the State Senate, Republicans saw one of the most significant electoral victories in decades.

Republicans swept three key Senate seats to gain the first outright majority in the State Senate in 10 years. If that wasn’t enough, Republicans picked up more seats in the House, reducing the Democrat majority.

The election was a vote for candidates who represent the people of Washington and an outright rejection of the costly climate change agendas of Governor Inslee and Tom Steyer, a California billionaire who has dumped $2 million in Washington State to elect Democrats in the last two years.

Steyer is a radical environmentalist and liberal who made his fortune in hedge funds. The California billionaire is not from Washington and seems to have no personal connections here, yet he has invested a fortune trying to change control of the state Senate with no success. In the end, Tom Steyer’s biggest “investment” in creating jobs in Washington was opening a post office box so that he could send mail pieces attacking actual pro-jobs candidates. That is all he can show for his $2 million investment.

Had he been successful, Steyer’s efforts to help Democrats regain a supermajority would only serve his and Governor Inslee’s own radical environmental agendas and drastically increase the cost of energy for working families and the small businesses that drive our economy.

The projected costs of increased gas and electricity prices and onerous regulations would have hindered economic growth and hit working families where it hurts the most—their wallets. What’s more, because of our abundant hydroelectric power, Washington has already made remarkable progress for clean energy and an improved climate—much of which has been driven by the market and private industry. We don’t need the heavy hand of the government to micromanage industry that is working well on its own.

I believe the election was also a message to Washington lawmakers to focus on critical priorities in the 2015 Legislative Session—the economy, education and maintaining a balanced state budget.

In the days following the election, Governor Inslee has been pounding the same drum, standing strong by his commitment to major climate change legislation. The beat, however, has been muffled by the deafening voice of the voters.

Governor Inslee’s climate change discussions surround cap-and-trade and a carbon tax on emissions. His Climate Change Advisory Committee will deliver its findings toward the end of November—just in time to advise the Governor’s proposal for the 2015 Legislature.

Time will tell, but one thing is certain—the 2015 Legislature will be driven by policy and legislation that represents the voters. Our chief concerns in the Senate will be jobs, education and budgets, consistent with the momentum the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus has built over the last two years.

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