Not more than a week ago we had a chance to adjourn the session on time with a good budget for Washingtonians. Unfortunately, House Democrats have continued to push for the largest tax increase in state history without the votes to pass it. Now they are forcing the legislature into overtime. The special session will begin on Wednesday, April 29th. Republicans pushed to start the session right away so we can get down to business immediately but Democrats want a few days to strategize and raise money.

I’m opposed to wasting your money by discussing public policy that we could have addressed in the regular session. Instead, my primary focus during this special session is going to be getting a good budget as soon as possible that helps Washington families. The only reason we’re going into special session is to complete this budget. School districts face a May 15th budget deadline. It’s important to reach agreement on the budget so our schools can have the resources they need to educate our kids. If Democratic decide to continue delay tactics past June 30th, they will shut down the state government. This course of action will force massive furloughs, risk state credit, and put our most vulnerable citizens at risk. That is simply unacceptable.

We don’t need big tax increases to invest in our communities. The Senate Republican budget takes $3 billion in new revenue we already have and puts it to good use. Our budget funds education at the largest percentage since John Spellman was Governor 30 years ago. Our budget supports higher education, cutting college tuition costs by 25%. Democrats have suggested they may shutdown the government if they don’t get their way. We cannot allow them to hold Washington families hostage. I’m committed to defending working families and putting dollars in our classroom. These are real solutions to the real problems you elected me to solve. I’m committed to fight for you in the legislature.

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