With the early release of the state revenue forecast, one would think the rosy outlook of an additional $400 million in money coming in – Democrats would drop the issue of raising taxes. That assumption would be wrong. Instead, Democrat House members choose to be publicly skeptical about the measurement mechanisms the revenue forecast uses. Governor Inslee isn’t free of blame either, demanding to keep pushing all the taxes, and spreading the myth that there are no COLA’s, which further stalls the negotiation process – something else the governor denies.

Conveniently, Democrats have never displayed skepticism of the outlook when the forecast was dim. When revenues were expected to fall short, Democrats jump at the chance to argue for a tax increase. It seems that raising taxes has become the moral good, not what you actually spend the money on. It also makes it even more clear that the House Democrat budget is uncalled for, and Governor Inslee’s positions all the more destructive.

$400 million in excess revenue is a lot of money, more than enough to sustain a reasonable budget. This really should break every barrier in passing a budget, and bar the excuses, but Democrats and Governor Inslee have lost their narrative that they absolutely need to raise taxes. This comes to show that their demands of tax increases really comes down to paying union contracts and the WEA super-COLA.

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