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We’re over halfway through the Legislative session now.  Bills other than those that are budget related have to have made it out of the Senate and into the House (and vice versa) by now in order to survive.  But we still have to hear and vote on many House bills, and of course tackle that budget.

If you’d like a good summary of what’s going on in the Legislature now, take a listen to a brief interview I did.


One thing I want to highlight now is the Senate Majority Coalition’s higher education plan.  It would reduce the cost of tuition by 3% as well as increase funding for higher education by 10%.  I think this is a great example of the Majority Coalition’s commitment to its founding principles:

  • Budget sustainability
  • Improving the economic environment
  • Reforming and enhancing our education system
  • Protecting our most vulnerable while still focusing on the needs of middle-class Washingtonians
  • Holding state government accountable by setting priorities

We also just saw the March revenue forecast this week.  It wasn’t a golden outlook, but the news was better than expected.  As I was quoted on Crosscut, those who want to raise taxes really, really bad were disappointed in this budget forecast.

Stay tuned for more.  The last part of session is where the budget gets hammered out.  I will be working hard to make sure the end result is a budget that doesn’t include more taxes, but budgets sustainably.


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