Puget Sound Area State Senate Election Has Broad Impact

Dear Friends,

It has been a quiet summer since the Legislature adjourned after passing a sustainable, bipartisan budget and protecting the State from a government shutdown.  And last year at this time, online and broadcast media—even your mailboxes—were full of political ads and information as our state and nation geared up for a particularly fierce campaign season.

While I’m sure this summer’s political calm is welcome around here, I do think it’s important to call attention to a fall special election on the other side of the state that is critical to the successful future of our State.

Rep Jan AngelThe 26th Legislative District State Senate special election pits Republican State Representative Jan Angel against Democrat Nathan Schlicher (who was appointed to the Senate Seat last year) in a tough battle.  This legislative race is not just a fight for a Puget Sound area State Senate seat; it’s a battle for Washington’s future.

Despite Rep. Angel’s (R-Gig Harbor) strong victory in the August 6 primary election (54 to 45 percent), we should consider this race far from won.

Democrat, Republican and other groups are pouring money into this hotly-contested race, and it’s widely considered to be the most important one on the ballot in Washington.  Jan’s victory would give the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus a two-vote majority, further securing the opportunity to continue government reforms that prioritize jobs, education and Washington’s fragile economy.

We need Jan Angel to strengthen our majority and help us continue the good work we started this year.

A Proven Record, Years of Experience

Rep. Angel has served in the Legislature since 2009 and has a proven record of supporting legislation that encourages sustainable economic growth.

Rep Jan AngelA successful business owner with years of experience, Rep. Angel is strongly endorsed by the business community statewide. She also understands that education is one of government’s primary objectives and a critical factor to building a healthy, productive workforce. Prior to her tenure in the State House, Rep. Angel was an active leader in local government since 2000. All this paired with her practical business experience and years of civic engagement make her a great common sense, pro-business addition to the State Senate.

Rep. Angel’s victory in the 26th District would shore up the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus, enabling it to continue to support legislation that cultivates a friendly business environment—not one that is hindered by expensive and counter-productive government taxes and regulations.

Remember—nearly 64% of Washington State citizens voted in 2012 to limit the Legislature’s ability to raise taxes. Voters have been clear that we must reform government before asking for more money from taxpayers and businesses. Rep. Angel’s victory will help us follow through on our promise to represent the people.

Want to help?

I urge you to support my friend and colleague, Rep. Jan Angel, for the 26th District State Senate seat. As the race nears the November election, both campaigns are increasing their efforts and both sides of the aisle know what’s at stake. Even if you live outside Rep. Angel’s district, please consider supporting this important campaign—its outcome will surely affect Washington’s progress.

Find out how you can help Jan on her website, www.janangel.com.

Let’s keep our great State moving forward.



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