Dear Friends, 2020-03-25T17:40:19+00:00

Dear Friends,

With the current global health crisis taking place I wanted to do my part and ensure that we are all aware, educated, and up to date on the current news about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), both at the state level and national level. You can find a variety of resources here on my website.

Despite us not having the most reported cases nor the most deaths, we must remain vigilant. I cannot stress the importance of personal responsibility enough. We have a moral obligation to our fellow citizens to prevent the spread of this terrible virus by staying home as much as possible. Only go out when absolutely necessary, and if possible, support your local small businesses.

By being responsible and staying home, we greatly reduce the chances of us getting someone else sick. In this crisis we must not only think about our family and loved ones, but we also must think about our neighbors and their family and loved ones.

Please, take my appeals of personal responsibility to heart and save a life by staying home.

I also wanted to take this time to recognize and give thanks to the following groups:

  • farmers,
  • healthcare workers,
  • sanitation workers,
  • truck drivers,
  • grocery store workers,
  • food manufacturer employees,
  • energy technicians and workers,
  • law enforcement, public safety officials, and first responders,
  • postal and shipping workers,
  • pharmacists/pharmacy employees,
  • water and wastewater/drainage workers,
  • dispatchers

The hard-working, dedicated personnel of the above groups are the reason why we have food in our stores, medical supplies and assistance, clean water, a clean state, education for our children, a functioning mail service, electricity, and public safety.

Stay safe, everyone. We will get through this together.


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