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Senator Schoesler on the Issues

Job Creation

Senator Schoesler has committed to changing the state of unemployment in Washington by pushing for policies that allow independent businesses to grow and allow more Washingtonians to get back to work. In order to create economic opportunities for these working families, Senator Schoesler recognizes the importance of supporting sensible policies and opposing those that make it more costly for independent employers to successfully compete and provide jobs.

Senator Schoesler’s continued support for small business has earned him seven Guardian of Small Business Awards from the National Federation of Independent Business.

Spending and Taxes

In order for our state to operate efficiently, it is important that spending be as reasonable as possible so that we can ensure financial stability. By controlling the size of government, we can continue to offer necessary services with existing revenues without the need to impose new taxes on our citizens and businesses.

Sensible Agricultural Policies

The food and agriculture industry makes up 13% of the Washington economy and is an even more vital part of District 9. The $40 billion industry employs about 140,000 Washington residents and provides much of the country with important agricultural products. A fifth-generation wheat farmer himself, Senator Schoesler recognizes the importance of the agriculture sector and works to support policies that allow Washington growers, farmers, and ranchers to remain competitive in the global marketplace.